The RPDR is a warehouse of clinical data from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), Faulkner Hosptial (FH), Spaulding Rehabilitation Hosital (SRH), and Newton Wellesley Hospital (NWH) available for research purposes. Data in the RPDR includes diagnoses, demographics, procedures, laboratory tests, medications, health maintenance and vital sign information, blood bank data, radiology and pathology reports and operative, discharge, endoscopy, cardiology and pulmonary results, as well as some genetic test data. For security purposes, all data that might identify patients is encrypted in the RPDR warehouse, making individual patients unrecognizable. The RPDR synthesizes these data in a computerized system that allows the research community to explore connections between them, formulate hypotheses, and gather information for clinical trials much more expediently and efficiently than in the past, when these functions were carried out using paper medical records.

For more information, please visit the Partners Research Computing RPDR webpage.

LCS Project Contact: Shawn Murphy